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Introducing Jennifer Tosian Host of the new Podcast: Vortex Connections

Jennifer Tosian, Visualization and Manifesting Coach, I teach people how to remove old, negative beliefs, patterns, and actions that are holding them back and instead learn how to tap into their true inner power through the powerful process of visualizing empowering, self-loving and positive thoughts and emotions that are in alignment with their conscious desires, passions, and purpose. I am the creator of the first-ever Multi-Sensory Visualization tool called the Subliminal Vision Boards app. It is designed to guide you within and connect you with the true creator you are through Visualization boards, Healing Mind, and Body Sound Frequencies and rewiring the Subconscious Mind for Success!  My ultimate vision and purpose are to help everyone live the life they desire and deserve!

To contact Jennifer Tosian via email: subliminalvisionboards

For much more information the website is:https://www.subliminalvisionboards.com

LinkedIn: Manifesting Coach:Linktree

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