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Energy Stoners™ Cafe with Toni Quest

 Toni Quest

Artist, Author, Public Speaker, Educator

Toni Quest is an Artist, Author, Public Speaker, and Educator. Quest describes herself as an entrepreneurial artist. As an artist and an educator, her intention is to inspire others to achieve self-actualization. In her recently published memoir, ‘Actualized, a Life in Progress’, Toni Quest candidly reflects on the metaphoric occurrences in her life which have elevated her creatively and spiritually. As a published poet, her work is published in the anthology, View from the middle of the road, Volumes 2 and 3. Her artwork, the U.S. in Us is featured on the cover of Volume 2.  As a teaching artist, Toni Quest has implemented her instructional design, Self-actualizing portraiture ©, to a variety of learning populations. She teaches students how to use metaphors within self-portraits to express self-actualization.
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