Tipping the Balance with Coach Lillian

The World In Your Hands

Tip #30

Believe in Yourself.

Believe that you’re the Expert that you’ve become.

Believe that you can do this.

Talk about your book, yourself, work, content every chance you get.

When someone asks you, “What do you do?”

Answer in a short succinct message.

For example: Lillian, what do you do?

I own & operate an Internet talk radio station, Passionate World Talk Radio. Heard in over 130 countries with a listening audience of over 13 million listeners.

Been up 13 years. Built on 3 principles: Provide a conduit for voices not otherwise heard; provide quality information to the listener so they can use it

immediately in their spiritual, personal, and business life; and sweep out from under the carpet the taboo and forbidden topics no one wants to discuss,

and provide a Call-two-Action Plan for those who want to leave a ripple behind in their world-wide communities.

Never had anyone interrupt me.

Until next time… .