Actor Ingrid Griffith is this week’s guest on the Energy Stoners™ Cafe.  She discusses, with host Toni Quest, her life as a live theater actor and her one-woman film based on the life of Shirley Chisholm produced during the Covid period. To listen to this excellent interview with Toni Quest and Ingrid Griffith:    Click here to listen… To contact Toni Quest:  [email protected] Ingrid Griffith website: www.unbossedunbowed.com Please share this information.  Honestly, you really […]

The name of the Guest for this interview is Kelly Sayre, Founder, and Owner of the Diamond Arrow Group As any parent will tell you, it’s almost impossible to maintain focus on anything when there are small children present. Kids are so curious about the world around them and they have many questions. Instead of looking at their inquisitive minds from a negative standpoint, how am I going to maintain awareness if I’m continually interrupted! […]

  Our guest this week is Janet Douglas who, while attending a wedding in England, had a major stroke. She spends a great deal of time working on her rehabilitation program and then wrote a book about her experiences. Her story gives a rare glimpse into what it is to have a stroke and the challenges of rehabilitation. To listen to this interview with Dr. Marianne Matzo and Janet Douglas: Click here to listen… Janet […]

Betsy Wurzel’s Guest on Chatting with Betsy is Marcia Burr, an Advocate, and an expert on being a Dementia Caregiver. The discussion is on the Life Raft, COVID and Caregiving, and grieving during holidays. What has the Life Raft been up to during the Pandemic?  Grieving during the holidays can be so painful, listen to how Marcia speaks about grieving. How did the motto “Refuse to Sink” come to be?  These questions and more are […]

  Dawn Airhart Witte, founder of the Desire to Inspire Foundation, returns to the Energy Stoners™ Cafe to discuss her hosting of the Women in the Arts and Humanities Network Zoom (WAHNZ) series with host Toni Quest. Join in and listen to this interview with Toni Quest and Dawn Airhart Witte:   Click here to listen… To contact Dawn Airhart Witte; [email protected] Dawn Airhart Witte has a Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/dawn.witte1 Dawn Airhart Witte has an Instagram Page:  https://www.instagram.com/desiretoinspirefoundation/ To […]

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