Our guest this week is Becky Jackson whose son died from liver failure five years ago after a long history of drug addiction. Becky has developed a model of recovery therapy called Inner Family Healing which is helping the different parts of ourselves grieve and heal.  She offers an interesting perspective on grief and discusses her new book which is a workbook for doing this healing work. To listen to this conversation with Dr. Marianne […]

Nancy Miller is the spiritual adviser at Everyone Dies. In December of 2016, God called Nancy into full-time ministry and she became ordained and a Certified Christian Counselor. Additionally, she is a Certified Spiritual Care Disaster provider through the Oklahoma Conference of Churches. Nancy specializes in grief, trauma, and abuse counseling for women. She has a weekly blog, website, and YouTube Channel entitled “Walking with Jesus”. She also produces weekly devotionals and on-line Bible classes […]

Leesa Thompson, kidney transplant recipient and founder of ‘move more with friends’  is this week’s guest on the Energy Stoners™ Cafe. She discusses kidney transplants, transplant chains, organ donation, Covid’s effect on organ donation, and her online fitness motivation group-  ‘move more with friends ‘ with host Toni Quest. To listen to this interview with Lessa Thompson: Click here to listen… Toni Quest Contact Information  [email protected] Leesa Thompson”s  Facebook Page:  Move More With Friends Please […]

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