There are many studies that have shown teens who spent more time on new media (screens) were more likely to report mental health issues than those who spent time on non-screen activities. A 2017 study found kids who spent three hours or more a day on smartphones or other electronic devices were 34% more likely to suffer at least one suicide-related outcome—including feeling hopeless or seriously considering suicide—than kids who used devices two hours […]

This Blog was created by Guest Blogger Mary Albertoli It’s okay to talk about our mental health struggles   First, I need to be straight forward. I do not have a method to prevent the high rate of suicide among teenagers and young adults. What I have is twelve years of clinical experience as a master’s level social worker and my own observations. It is important to note that, as a social worker, I had […]

Lillian Cauldwell Interviews Shannon Hall on Suicides and how they are preventable. Shannon provides information. If you know someone that could use this important information.  Please share this could be of help to many. To listen to this very informative interview – Click here to listen… “United States Veterans are 1.5 times more likely to die by suicide than Americans who never served in the military.” “American Foundation for Suicide Prevention how suicide can be […]

    Lillian Cauldwell has a very special Interview with Adam, Coordinator for the K9 Warriors Project.  Adam speaks about what this organization does as a Non-profit.  They provide the training to the Veterans with the K9.  How they help the veteran reclaim their lives.  “Twenty veterans die by suicide each day, and K9s For Warriors trains rescue dogs and gives them a new purpose – to help their warriors return to life with dignity […]

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