Bernie Mac’s Mr 3000 told the story of a fictional first baseman with a Texas-sized ego and talent to match who returns to baseball ten years after retiring to get his 3000th hit. It might as well have been a commentary on the selfish, egotistical society it was filmed in. We’ve all run into people who treat others like crap or think too highly of themselves. They wind up leaving people wondering what they […]

  ESPN is finally a broadcasting partner of the National Hockey League again and can give the game a chance to grow like it hasn’t had since Wayne Gretzky. Put cameras down on the ice to capture the game’s speed! Let us get to know hockey players as people! This is an opportunity to become one of the “Big Four” leagues in North America hockey can’t screw up, and it’s off to a good start […]

  In 2021, Baseball will again be relegated to just a pleasant distraction in the Covid era, and players and the press need to treat it as such. The press has a pandemic to cover. It’s not like baseball hasn’t had to take a backseat in trying times before! America’s pastime cannot be a top priority; saving lives is! To listen to Dan’s interview on Baseball and the Pandemic:     Click here to listen… Dan […]

  Keni Banda, head of Banda Bola Sports Foundation, returns to the Energy Stoners™ Cafe to discuss with host Toni Quest the devastating impact Covid 19 has had on the people, girls, and culture of the villages of Malawi, Africa. To listen to the interview with Toni Quest and Keni Banda: Click here to listen… To contact Host Toni Quest:  [email protected] To contact Guest Keni Banda:  [email protected] Also, you can connect with Banda Bola Sports Foundation […]

Dan Riely provides Sports Commentary and today he will be talking about New Warner’s new Movie sequel. Warner Bros is making a sequel to SPACE JAM, the beloved 1996 flick about the Looney Tunes teaming up with Micheal Jordan in a basketball game. Unfortunately, Warner Bros is making a mistake. There is no need for the Looney Tunes to co-star in a movie with ANY live-action actor, let alone an Athlete. We remember these fictional […]

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