Gil Alba, nationally known private investigator, security, and founder of Alba Investigations Is this week’s guest on the Energy Stoners™ Cafe podcast.  He discusses his life as an investigator and his time as an NYC detective along with other topics with host Toni Quest. Listen to this Interview with Toni Quest and Gil Alba to talk about why you would need his investigating services:  Click here to listen…   To contact Gil Alba via email: Alba […]

10.18.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian Cauldwell interviewed Shannon Walker, Whistle-Blowers, women-owned and women-operated company in Canada. This company helps whistleblowers get their stories out without sacrificing their families, friends, relatives, or themselves to the media or the company they’re whistleblowing on. To hear more about this informative interview with Shannon Walker,    Click here to listen… If you would like to  find out more information on Shannon Walker and her Company WhistleBlower Security Inc […]

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