Sheila Wilson Host of Whine and Cheese guest on today’s show is Debra Falzoi founder of Dignity Together So we are not only dealing with COVID and the many issues, we also see that there many are also dealing with Workplace Abuse. How do you recognize workplace abuse?  There could be many patterns of being mistreated by others in the workplace.  It could be verbal attacks or belittling the individual.  How do you handle the […]

  Lillian Cauldwell interview with Dr. Mary Wardell on her book “Twice as Good”  Video provides more in-depth information on this excellent interview.  Please let us know your thoughts on this discussion of time to step into your power ladies.  Dr. Mary J. Wardell is a University Leader, Professor, Keynote Speaker, Commissioner, and Diversity and Inclusion Expert based in San Francisco. A twenty-five year veteran of California higher education, Dr. Wardell is the Vice Provost […]

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