Stop Health Care Violence, Looking and Feeling Fab, and Passionate World Talk Radio, joined forces to provide a day of Self Care for a Group of Nurses from the South Shore. Whitman Wellness Center in Whitman provided the venue for the Self Care day. Self Care consisted of Massages and Facials for each nurse that signed up for the Free Self Care Day.  It was so great to make the day wonderful for the Nurses.  […]

  We find ourselves too emotionally drained to care about sports, but we can save our mental health. Try meditation for ten minutes; listen to your breath and ignore your thoughts, stay away from cable news, and call family or a friend to vent every few days. Now, our mental health is more important, not sports. The NBA playoffs can be put aside for right now. Listen to this discussion with Dan Riley about how […]

  In today’s show, Jennifer Tosian interviewed Colette Liose.  Colette Liose discovered Emotional Freedom Technique, aka EFT or “tapping” in 2007, she knew then she had found her calling. Since then she has immersed herself and her clients in this EFT model first developed by Gary Craig in the mid-’90s.  Today Colette is now known as “Tapngrl” Colette is also a Law of Attraction (LOA) teacher and coach. She combines Law of Attraction with “tapping” […]

  Sheila Wilson, Host of the Whine and Cheese interview today is with Betsy Wurzel, a prior LPN,  Caregiver, and Radio Host on PWTRN, to discuss the issues she had to do deal with as an LPN over 25 years ago.  If you close your eyes and listen, you would think Betsy was talking about nursing issues happening currently and not over 25 years ago.  So, really has anything really changed with the issues Nurses […]

Today’s interview is with Dr. Susan Shumsky, author of Maharishi &Me Seeking Enlightenment With The Beatles Guru. In this interesting interview, Dr. Susan Shumsky discusses how she met the Maharishi and what it was like to be under his direction. Dr. Susan Shumsky also discusses how the Maharishi influenced the Beatle’s music. Dr. Susan Shumsky is dedicated to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways. A best-selling author of 20 books in […]

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