We have met Michael in previous interviews when he talked about caring for his wife with Huntington’s. Janet, his wife, died 1/10/21 and on Easter Sunday Michael became engaged. In this podcast, we talk about dating after Janet’s death and how Michael sees love and life for his future. Listen here to the interview with Dr. Marianne Matzo and Michael:  Click here to listen… We hope you benefit and learned something new from this […]

Lillian Cauldwell interview with Dr. Phil Deluca on Marriage and Relationships. I am sure you will find some information to help you should you be going through some difficult times.  Perhaps more than ever you could use some help from Dr. DeLuca, during this massive Pandemic occurring in the world.   Please listen to this interview and perhaps Dr. Deluca many have some suggestions to help you in a family crisis.  We will provide Dr. Deluca’s […]

    Lillian Cauldwell CEO/President of PWTR interview with Sarah Armstrong in her book “A Mom’s Guides to a Good Divorce.” Divorce can be complicated for the whole family.  Partners may be so entrenched on what they want out of the divorce. Tempers flaring and may use the children as pawns in what they want.  Sarah Armstrong provides information on how to make the divorce as empirical as possible.  Sarah talks about her divorce and […]

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