Today’s interview is with Joe Brazeal,  Author of Living with Thunder Alzheimer’s Untold: A Family’s Journey  Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest is LOVE. This is Joe Brazeal’s second interview with Betsy. In this interview, Joe Brazeal discusses the challenges his young children had when their mom had Early Onset Alzheimer’s.  Joe also discusses his challenges as a parent while dealing with his wife’s  Dementia.  Joe and Betsy also discussed recommendations for children […]

  Today’s interview is with Patti Henry, Med, LPC,  who is a Psychotherapist and Author! Patti Henry discusses her book, Two Lifetimes from Fear to Love. “There is a pretty simple solution if your life seems to be one long endless struggle, your relationships unsatisfying, you’re angry, disillusioned, unwell, stuck, or just plain unhappy, and you’d rather be sailing along joyfully, enjoying a life of freedom, peace, and prosperity“.  There could be an easy solution. […]

Lillian Cauldwell Host of Cool Your Heels interview with Dawn McMillion, Author of Beyond the Bucket List. The Release date, late Spring early Summer 2021. Providing one of the many stories from Beyond the Bucket List: “A true story about newlyweds in their nineties; Dan (an obstinate engineer with COPD) and Eileen (a feisty English Immigrant who develops dementia). They relish seven romantic years together in their house on idyllic Whidbey Island, WA, each making […]

Finding Your Holy Grail helps people navigate the post-pandemic reality we now find ourselves in. In this episode, the show’s host, Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews Dr. Lawana Gladney who helps people to stay sane in a crazy world. As an author of 6 books, a public speaker, and an online educator, Dr. G, as she prefers to be known, supports people to manage their emotions and stress. They discuss the importance of avoiding overwhelm by […]

Ashley Antonia Lopez and Camille Elvery, founders of Envision Artist Company are this week’s guest on the Energy Stoners ™ Cafe Podcast.  They discuss their newest project with host Toni Quest, ‘Stages of Love’ a moving film on love seen through the eyes of artists, dancers, and poets of color.  To listen to this interview: Click here to listen… To contact Host Toni Quest:  [email protected] To contact the Guest website: To contact guest via […]

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