Did you know that over 1.6 million Americans are living with Type 1 Diabetes? Today we are going to take a crash course on what Type 1 Diabetes really is, how it impacts a person’s daily life, and learn ways we can advocate for this invisible chronic disease. Joining me today is Cura Hume, a wife, homemaker, and special needs mom. Cura and her husband homeschool their 2 boys and enjoy the flexibility it […]

    On this episode of the Energy Stoners ™ Cafe, Author Doug Snelson returns to discuss his newest children’s book, “Everyone Deserves a Hug”, and his future plans with Host Toni Quest. Join in and listen to this interview with Toni Quest and Doug Snelson:  Click here to listen… To purchase the book “Everyone Deserves a Hug”  This picture book created by a father-daughter.    Please Purchase Here To contact host  Toni Quest:  [email protected] […]

  Lillian Cauldwell’s Guest today is Athalia Monae, Author of Why all the Secrets.  Athalia Monare discussed 5 ways you can heal a damaged family relationship.  She will explain the 5 ways with Lillian Cauldwell. “As Athalia Monae exhibited in Why the Secrets, a lack of communication and assumptions can ruin any relationship and cause a world of hurt, resentment, and division.” It can be very uncomfortable to have an honest discussion but is very important […]

Let’s welcome Guest Blogger Brett Marciel to are Our On-Line Blog Journal  Suicide is Preventable Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth ages 10 – 24 in America, resulting in more than 130 deaths each week.  The suicide rate in this age group has risen dramatically as of late. Between 2007 and 2017, we experienced a more than 65% increase in the suicide rate of 10 – 24-year-old Americans.  The younger population […]

  Lillian Cauldwell CEO/President of PWTR interviews Brett Marciel, Director of Business Development and Public Relations at The Jason Foundation.  This interview discussion is on Preventing Suicides. This is not an easy subject, but we need to talk about suicides and how it can be preventable.  With the help of great resources like The Jason Foundation that will help the young adults with the tools and resources to get professional help involved as soon as […]

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