Let me introduce Nina Venturella Host of the new show called the “Coaches Corner” on Passionate World Talk Radio Nina Venturella is an Author/ Coach/CEO/Founder/Speaker/Innovator/ Franchiser, Founder One Box Fits All, Coach the Coaches program, Co-Founder TCI, The Coach a naire Institute Nina Venturella show “Coaches Corner” interviews with real coaches who are practicing that methodology and we will hear their stories and teachings from each of the coaches. Each coach will have 20 mins, […]

  Lillian Cauldwell Host of Cool Your Heels interview today is with Suzanne Sena, “The Emmy-nominated and entrepreneurial powerhouse Suzanne Sena is a Confidence Catalyst. Sena is on a mission to empower others to ignite their own assuredness in business, relationship, and life.”  There may be a word or an aha moment that you may hear in this interview that could help you in empowering your life. To listen to the conversation with Lillian Cauldwell […]

Lillian Cauldwell interviews Life Coach, Author, Lori Barrett – After years of working, she was struggling in many ways. Something that many of us have dealt with. A failed relationship, and then grieving from several deaths including a husband. Financial hardships, raising children as a single mother mostly, and continuing with a career that I was good at, but was not my passion. How would I ever get beyond this? Well, I did and now […]

  Sue Fernandez, Consultant,  Advocate for Caregivers. Sue is the go-to person that will help you with the questions you have. Each month Sue provides Tips, Referrals, and Resources for caregivers.  Sue also provides the “Word of the Day” and “Did you Know” segment in each interview and both provide important information. If you are looking for a speaker that could provide much-needed information for caregivers, contact Sue Fernandez [email protected] This show is called “The […]

  Betsy talks very candidly on how the stress affected her and how she found that Happy Place. Betsy also talks about how she found ways to be stronger and more confident. Betsy discusses how she went into therapy to help herself.  Listen and maybe you will find something in this audio that may help you find your happy place. To listen to this interview with Betsy Wurzel on Empowerment    Click here to listen… […]

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