Our guest this week is Officer Bill Hume, a Drug Recognition Expert, who is going to help us understand the effects alcohol has on our body and why it is dangerous to drive while under the influence. Bill has been a police officer in Southern California for 13 years. He has worked on various assignments in his which include DUI enforcement, Motor Officer, Traffic Detective, and Field Training Officer. Officer Hume enjoys teaching and educating […]

Betsy Wurzel has returning Guest Mika Pollack  Executive Director of the Non-Profit Safest Drug to provide updated information for the COVID 19 Vaccine.  This Non-Profit provides vital information and awareness about medication in America and the information you need on the COVID-19 Vaccine. There is a wealth of information on this interview and rather than writing more, I would appreciate you listen to the interview. Also, in this interview, Mika also provides information on how […]

  Polly is like any other mother of four adult children in her commitment to their success and happiness. One day her third son went to his parents to tell them he had been misusing opioids for four years, which started a rollercoaster of detox and relapses. One day he went missing and was found in his car, dead from an overdose of oxycontin laced with fentanyl. Polly talks about how overwhelming a sudden death […]

Betsy Wurzel’s guest today is Mika Pollack. Mika Pollack is the Executive Director of the Non-Profit Safest Drug.org. The conversation today was on the Clinical Trials and how minorities not fairly represented in research projects. Also, on how the medication may not address the health issues of a minority group. There is much more in this conversation that they address. Join in with the Public Health Issues on Medication.  Check out the website for information […]

Let me introduce new Host Shannon Zeeman, Host of “The Most Important 15 Minutes of Your Day” With Halloween around the corner, we wanted to talk about a popular trend out there that is dangerous for our children. Have you heard of THC Goodies?  THC Goodies comes in all forms from Gummies, hard candy, chocolate bars, and even baked goods. These types of recreational or medicinal THC products are rarely regulated and if consumed can cause […]

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