Lillian Cauldwell’s Guest today is Athalia Monae, Author of Why all the Secrets.  Athalia Monare discussed 5 ways you can heal a damaged family relationship.  She will explain the 5 ways with Lillian Cauldwell. “As Athalia Monae exhibited in Why the Secrets, a lack of communication and assumptions can ruin any relationship and cause a world of hurt, resentment, and division.” It can be very uncomfortable to have an honest discussion but is very important […]

Lillian Cauldwell interview with Dr. Phil Deluca on Marriage and Relationships. I am sure you will find some information to help you should you be going through some difficult times.  Perhaps more than ever you could use some help from Dr. DeLuca, during this massive Pandemic occurring in the world.   Please listen to this interview and perhaps Dr. Deluca many have some suggestions to help you in a family crisis.  We will provide Dr. Deluca’s […]

Lillian Cauldwell interview with Ann Alsina on Women and Wealth.  Ann Alsina provides financial information that you should be aware of. Finding a good advisor, investing, credit cards and more.  If you have any questions, please contact Ann Alsina. To listen to this informative interview- Click here to listen… Ann Alsina owns a company that works mostly with women, especially widows, divorcees, and single women. She teaches them about finance and how to set up […]

Sarah Armstrong’s  Guest Blog Article Recovering from a Divorce Hang-over…While Still Driving Carpool Every Morning By Sarah Armstrong There is no way to escape some sort of divorce hang-over. Dealing with your own post-divorce emotions and helping your children adjust to a life without their normal day to day interaction with both parents is a challenge. My advice over the years, “Everyone’s divorce hang-over is different… and recovery times vary… but the emotional headache is […]

    Lillian Cauldwell CEO/President of PWTR interview with Sarah Armstrong in her book “A Mom’s Guides to a Good Divorce.” Divorce can be complicated for the whole family.  Partners may be so entrenched on what they want out of the divorce. Tempers flaring and may use the children as pawns in what they want.  Sarah Armstrong provides information on how to make the divorce as empirical as possible.  Sarah talks about her divorce and […]

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