Do you remember why the Nurses went on Strike with St Vincent Hospital? Sheila Wilson’s interview today with Beckett Augat, R.N. at St. Vincent Hospital. Sheila and Beckett talked about the main reason that the Nurses went out on strike for the safety of the Patient. We must understand the Main Reason the Nurses went out on Strike. As the strike continues, things will be said, you know, he said she said and you lose […]

  Today’s interview is with Joe Brazeal,  Author of Living with Thunder Alzheimer’s Untold: A Family’s Journey  Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest is LOVE. This is Joe Brazeal’s second interview with Betsy. In this interview, Joe Brazeal discusses the challenges his young children had when their mom had Early Onset Alzheimer’s.  Joe also discusses his challenges as a parent while dealing with his wife’s  Dementia.  Joe and Betsy also discussed recommendations for children […]

Today’s interview is with Angela Legh, author of the Bella Santini Chronicles Series. The Bella Santini Chronicles is a fairy tale series for children ages 8 to12 and Angela Legh has written 5 books out of the 12 book series. The most recent book in this series is Bella Santini, In The Land of Everlasting Change.  Angela Legh discusses why she started the series for Young Adults.  Angela wants to help children and adults in […]

  We find ourselves too emotionally drained to care about sports, but we can save our mental health. Try meditation for ten minutes; listen to your breath and ignore your thoughts, stay away from cable news, and call family or a friend to vent every few days. Now, our mental health is more important, not sports. The NBA playoffs can be put aside for right now. Listen to this discussion with Dan Riley about how […]

Today I interviewed a healthcare provider her name is Kim she states she was assaulted by a patient while she was working her shift. During this interview, this is what she said. I was walking up to the nurse’s station and “bang” the patient sucker punched me in the back of the head with his fist. Two patients dragged me to safety. I woke up while the two patients dragging me to safety. Then the […]

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