Today’s interview is with Joe Brazeal,  Author of Living with Thunder Alzheimer’s Untold: A Family’s Journey  Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest is LOVE. This is Joe Brazeal’s second interview with Betsy. In this interview, Joe Brazeal discusses the challenges his young children had when their mom had Early Onset Alzheimer’s.  Joe also discusses his challenges as a parent while dealing with his wife’s  Dementia.  Joe and Betsy also discussed recommendations for children […]

Today’s interview is with  Craig Fowler who is the Founder and CEO of JOYGAGE. What is JOYGAGE? Craig discusses why he created JOYGAGE  and how Caregivers and their loved ones can benefit from JOYGAGE App. Craig was a caregiver to his mom who had dementia.  JOYGAGE app can also be used by those who don’t have dementia to stay mentally active.  JOYGAGE is an engagement subscription service for persons living with Alzheimer’s and other Dementias. There is […]

Today’s interview is with Betsy Wurtel, She was a caregiver for her husband Matt. She discussed how her husband was only 56 years old and the medical community thought he was too young to have Alzheimer’s.  She also explained about Matt losing his job and how he was unable to tell time on his watch anymore.  Betsy is a great advocate for Alzheimer’s. Join in and listen to this interview with Sheila Wilson and Betsy […]

  Today’s interview is with my dear friend, Roberta Clark who was a caregiver for her mom who had Vascular Dementia and Mental Health Issues. Roberta Clark discusses the challenges of being an only adult child caregiver for her mom who had Vascular Dementia and  Mental Health Issues. Betsy and Roberts also discussed self-care and touched on it after caregiving. Roberta Clark is an advocate. Blogger and a Moderator for the Purple Sherpa BaseCamp Facebook […]

  Today’s interview is with Anne McAwley-LeDuc a Retired Register Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, and  Author of the Personal Health Organizer Book. This is Anne’s second interview with  Betsy Wurzel.  In today’s interview, Anne and Betsy discuss the importance of preparation for the end of life. Examples, What are your wishes? Do you have them written down? Anne and Betsy also discussed the importance of going to an attorney for Power of Attorney for medical and […]

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