Today Sheila Wilson’s interview is with Debra Falzoi,  Debra educates employees and validates their experiences so they can take back their dignity.  She started  Dignity Together, providing coping services and resources for workplace abuse targets. We spoke about the healthcare workers and how hard it had to be for them to be working the shifts they were working without getting the breaks they needed, the number of patients they had, and the lack of staff. The nurses […]

Today’s interview is with Natalie Brobin,  Author of “Everyday Self-Care and Your High Needs Child”.  Natalie discusses the challenges she faced with her special needs daughter and how and why the book was created. This book “Everyday Self-Care and Your High Needs Child” would provide help to the parents with special needs children and also helpful to all caregivers. You will find information about Self-Care, Parenting, Trauma, Loss, Life, and Grief on her website: […]

  We remember old sporting events to remind ourselves it’s possible to overcome the odds, and in the chaos of the 2010s and early 2020s, we need a Herculean effort by someone in the Olympics.  The odds have never felt steeper in the COVID era, and an incredible Gold medal win by someone, ANYONE, is what the globe needs to see this summer! Listen to this commentary with Dan Riley on the upcoming Olympics: Click […]

  Dr. Robert Clark returns to the Energy Stoners™ Cafe podcast this week.  Dr. Robert Clark discusses the COVID 19 vaccines, forest bathing, and the need for laughter with host Toni Quest. To listen to this interview with Toni Quest and Dr. Robert Clark: Click here to listen… To contact Host Toni Quest: [email protected] To contact Guest Dr. Robert Clark:  [email protected]  For more information for Dr. Robert Clark: I am providing information on the […]

  We find ourselves too emotionally drained to care about sports, but we can save our mental health. Try meditation for ten minutes; listen to your breath and ignore your thoughts, stay away from cable news, and call family or a friend to vent every few days. Now, our mental health is more important, not sports. The NBA playoffs can be put aside for right now. Listen to this discussion with Dan Riley about how […]

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