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Betsy Wurzel has returning Guest Mika Pollack  Executive Director of the Non-Profit Safest Drug to provide updated information for the COVID 19 Vaccine.  This Non-Profit provides vital information and awareness about medication in America and the information you need on the COVID-19 Vaccine. There is a wealth of information on this interview and rather than writing more, I would appreciate you listen to the interview. Also, in this interview, Mika also provides information on how […]

  Hello everyone, Jeanne White, Host of Social Connections on Passionate World Talk Radio.  I am interviewing Betsy Wurzel on Caregiving, This is a subject that really needs to be talked about a lot. This caregiver series has a wealth of information from some great seasoned caregivers. What is the journey that many caregivers are on?  Betsy speaks about her journey and what she does for self-care. If you want to contact Betsy Wurzel on Facebook […]

  The holidays are coming and there is much to do. Inviting family and friends to dinner. Probably a grocery list a yard long to purchase food plus decorations and in that mix is also being a Caregiver.  So to help understand how Alzheimer’s can impact your holiday preparations and more, we have Betsy Wurzel and Colleen Sellers seasoned Caregivers to talk about what they do and do not do in celebrating the Holidays.  What […]

  Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy interviewing Ralph Lake, Caregiver and Advocate, on the journey of a caregiver. This series provides informative information that could help you in your journey as a caregiver.  Ralph Lake is a Professional Caregiver and provides assistance to special needs individuals.   Ralph provides assistance with dressing, eating, take to Doctor appointments are just a few examples of helping special needs individuals. If you need any help, I suggest […]

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