Today’s interview is with Greg Everett, Author of “Tough, Building True Mental, Physical & Emotional Toughness For Success & Fulfillment”. Greg has competed in weightlifting and has coached weightlifting at the Olympic level and Greg is the Founder of Catalyst Athletics. Greg has written and produced  American Weightlifting, The Documentary. Greg Everett discusses why he wrote this book and what the reader can take away from it.  We discussed, Character, Capability, and Commitment on the […]

Today’s interview is with Betsy Wurtel, She was a caregiver for her husband Matt. She discussed how her husband was only 56 years old and the medical community thought he was too young to have Alzheimer’s.  She also explained about Matt losing his job and how he was unable to tell time on his watch anymore.  Betsy is a great advocate for Alzheimer’s. Join in and listen to this interview with Sheila Wilson and Betsy […]

  Today’s interview is with Anne McAwley-LeDuc a Retired Register Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, and  Author of the Personal Health Organizer Book. This is Anne’s second interview with  Betsy Wurzel.  In today’s interview, Anne and Betsy discuss the importance of preparation for the end of life. Examples, What are your wishes? Do you have them written down? Anne and Betsy also discussed the importance of going to an attorney for Power of Attorney for medical and […]

  We have met Michael in previous interviews when he talked about caring for his wife with Huntington’s. Janet, his wife, died 1/10/21 and on Easter Sunday Michael became engaged. In this podcast, we talk about dating after Janet’s death and how Michael sees love and life for his future. Listen here to the interview with Dr. Marianne Matzo and Michael:  Click here to listen… We hope you benefit and learned something new from this […]

  Today’s interview is with Anne McAwley-LeDuc a retired RN and Nurse Practitioner and author of the Personal Health Organizer. Betsy and Anne discuss the importance of knowing your medical history and your loved ones’ medical history.  Also, why it is important to keep medical history organized for your family. Since COVID and appointments with your Physician have changed. During the COVID what happened is the Virtual Physician Visit.  This new way to meet with […]

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