Today’s interview is with Robert Kershaw who is also an Author and goes by pen name Eli Shaw.  Robert Kershaw is a visual display artist, Author, and Freelance photographer.  The name of the book is  “If I Die Before I Wake: A Caregiver’s Journey” and Robert and Betsy discuss why he wrote the book and what the reader can take away from this book. Robert has been involved with helping others since age 10 when he […]

  Betsy Wurzel is dedicating this podcast in memory of Theresa Marafito, a woman who was ahead of her time! Today’s interview is with Linda Odubayo Thompson, author:  I Know My Way Memoir: Always Remember to Color the Sky Blue Linda discusses how her mother, Theresa Marafito, was born visually impaired and eventually became blind. Linda talks about her very interesting childhood and how her mother refused to succumb to her disability to control her […]

Today’s interview is with Angela Legh, author of the Bella Santini Chronicles Series. The Bella Santini Chronicles is a fairy tale series for children ages 8 to12 and Angela Legh has written 5 books out of the 12 book series. The most recent book in this series is Bella Santini, In The Land of Everlasting Change.  Angela Legh discusses why she started the series for Young Adults.  Angela wants to help children and adults in […]

“In a society that seems to think that some of its citizens are less than due to the color of their skin or where they are from, it can be difficult for kids to realize that what makes them different also makes them special. Our differences are what make us a great society. It is what leads us to inspire others and to make a lasting and positive impact on the world we all share.” Today’s […]

Betsy Wurzel’s interview today is with a Canadian Author, Podcaster, and owner of Crave More Life Coaching, Dianna Leeder. Dianna Leeder discusses her book, Find Your Voice, Save Your Life which tells the story of how 24 women found their voices! We discuss how important it is for females of all ages to find their voice and to realize the power and joy that comes with that! Betsy highly recommends this inspirational book for all […]

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