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Valerie Anne Castine was a guest on the Caregiver series with me, Jeanne White.  Valerie is a Caregiver, Artist, Author and more.  Valerie is a caregiver for her Mother-in-law Judy. I have included further information on how to contact Valerie in this blog.  Well, what do you think about “Your Magnificent Self? The topic for Valerie is “Your Magnificent Self” and the “Bondage of Perfection.” Valerie talks about how Affirmation on a daily basis will […]

Susan Macauley is the guest today on the Caregiver Series.  Susan resides in Ontario, Canada.  Today Susan and I will be talking about helping the caregiver work through issues that they may be having.  Susan will also talk about a module called BANGS and how it has helped many caregivers.  Each letter in the word stands for something.  Listen to how Susan describes the meaning of each letter in the word BANGS.  Listen to what […]

Today Host Betsy Wurzel, interviewed me Jeanne White, Station Manager/Host at Passionate World Talk Radio.  The roles reversed and I was the interviewee.  Some of the questions that Betsy asked was “How and Why did I become a Radio Host”   “Why did I create the Caregiver Series.”  You will hear more in the interview on what we talked about.  The time flew with the interview and I was very impressed with how Betsy handled herself […]

Betsy Wurzel Premier Radio Host Show on Passionate World Talk Radio.  You just never know where your journey will take you. Betsy Wurzel, Guest Host talks about “What I would do Different”  Betsy talks about many things that she would have done differently.  When we educate ourselves we have a better opportunity to help take care of ourselves just a little better.  This is the message from Betsy Wurzel on education and helping the caregiver […]

  Sue Fernandez, Consultant,  Advocate for Caregivers. Sue is the go-to person that will help you with the questions you have. Each month Sue provides Tips, Referrals, and Resources for caregivers.  Sue also provides the “Word of the Day” and “Did you Know” segment in each interview and both provide important information. If you are looking for a speaker that could provide much-needed information for caregivers, contact Sue Fernandez [email protected] This show is called “The […]

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