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  Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy interviewed Helen Jensen on being a caregiver with her husband Jim, that has Lewy Body Dementia.  You really don’t hear much about Lewy Body Dementia, we mostly hear a lot of information on Alzheimer’s.  Perhaps there is more diagnosis of Alzheimer’s but their many with the Diagnosis for Lewy Body and this interview will have much information for you.  So I stress to listen to the audio.  […]

  The holidays are coming and there is much to do. Inviting family and friends to dinner. Probably a grocery list a yard long to purchase food plus decorations and in that mix is also being a Caregiver.  So to help understand how Alzheimer’s can impact your holiday preparations and more, we have Betsy Wurzel and Colleen Sellers seasoned Caregivers to talk about what they do and do not do in celebrating the Holidays.  What […]

  What help will you need for when your caregiver journey ends? Sue talks about resources to help you when you are ready to reenter employment, health, and finances. One of the many programs that Sue talks about is “Every Women Counts” in California. There similar programs throughout the US. Sue provides the phone numbers to contact for further information.  You may need to listen more than once as there is much information.  What is […]

  This is a subject that needs always to be discussed.  The role of a Caregiver is very demanding and sometimes effects their health.  In the beginning, there are many that help, but as time goes on the help you had is slowly disappearing.  How can you help a caregiver?  Well, there are many ways, A phone call to say Hi is one of the best to do.   Help with a respite day for a […]

Happy Anniversary Betsy and Matt  Betsy Wurzel Host on Chatting with Betsy talks about how important to keep celebrating your Wedding Anniversary. Even if your husband or wife cannot remember, you will remember for the both of you.  Betsy always celebrates their Wedding Anniversary to remember.  Do you still celebrate your Wedding Anniversary with your spouse, if so how do you make it special? Listen to this discussion with Betsy on how it important it […]

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