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  Today Betsy Wurzel on Chatting with Betsy is on the topic of National Caregivers Day and Valentine’s day. What this means to reach out to the many caregivers and say Hello and Thank them for all the work they do for their loved ones. Giving them a Hug. Betsy talks about her experience of celebrating valentine’s day as a caregiver.  Betsy would purchase a gift and a card and would show her husband Matt […]

  Betsy Wurzel Host on Chatting with Betsy.  Betsy’s topic is “We do not need your permission to grieve.” Betsy talks about Counseling or Therapy and how it could help.  Betsy also mentions her Counseling and Therapy she is doing to help with her grieving.  Betsy also talks about how Grief Share is helping her and we are providing the information for you to find out more information about grief share – click on Grief […]

  What is it like to celebrate a Birthday, and your loved one is at the end of Life Stage of Alzheimer’s?   Betsy talks about what she did in celebrating her Birthday with Matt and her son Joshua.  Betsy will discuss celebrating Life with your loved ones.  Betsy also talks about celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah and what she does on celebrating and not worried about what others think.  Betsy also talks about “Do what is […]

  Betsy Wurzel host of Chatting with Betsy.  Betsy provides informative information on being a caregiver.  The stories are for all to understand the role of a caregiver with a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimers/Dementia. Their journey can be very lonely and their families and friends start to disappear.  I often wonder why, since we here this over and over on the many interviews. This interview Betsy has with Carmen Ronan is about being a […]

Why oh why do we put so much stress on ourselves?   I am sure we all put such high expectations on caring for our loved one and god forbid we falter.   We all have so many reasons for feeling guilt.  You missed sending a card to a sick friend.  You missed a soccer game. You are feeling angry about how unfair that your loved one is ill?  You might also feel angry about your […]

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