Advocate. Caregiver

Sheila Wilson host of Whine and Cheese will have Betsy Wurzel and Elizabeth Dalton on the show today.  They will be discussing issues with being a caregiver and how they manger stress and isolation.  They talk about therapy and how each one has used different types of treatment for stress and anxiety. I could write more about this interview but I think this interview speaks for itself. Grab that cup of coffee and sit and […]

Betsy Wurzel speaks with Maureen Spittlehouse about Advocacy and the Family System. The Family System has very little support and some families are part of the problem and not the solution.   Maureen speaks at the time of her Mother issues and finally, the diagnosis was given.  There was very little information about Dementia at the time of her journey as a caregiver which was about 15 years ago. Maureen speaks about the medication that was […]

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