Betsy Wurzel, Chatting with Betsy From being bullied  to being an inspirational  speaker and author Betsy Wurzel’s guest today on the show is Andrew Calderella, s author of The Way, Creator of the 7th Foundation and One Movement.  Andrew is also an inspirational speaker and best-selling author. Andrew discusses how he was bullied in his youth and why he wrote “The Way” why we all should read The Way and learn about the 7steps to becoming
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Betsy Wurzel, Chatting with Betsy   From a Child of Holocaust Survivors to A Politician’s Wife Betsy Wurzel’s interview today is with Hadassah Lieberman author of Hadassah, An American Story. Hadassah Lieberman discusses how she found her mother’s diary which had stories about her experiences as a Holocaust  Survivor and  Hadassah’s mom wanted her children to finish the story and Hadassah did just that. Hadassah talks about growing up in Gardner, Massachusetts, her life as
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Betsy Wurzel, Hostof Chatting with Bets   Today’s interview is with Patti Henry, Med, LPC,  who is a Psychotherapist and Author! Patti Henry discusses her book, Two Lifetimes from Fear to Love. “There is a pretty simple solution if your life seems to be one long endless struggle, your relationships unsatisfying, you’re angry, disillusioned, unwell, stuck, or just plain unhappy, and you’d rather be sailing along joyfully, enjoying a life of freedom, peace, and prosperity“. 
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Betsy Wurzel, Hostof Chatting with Betsy   Betsy Wurzel is dedicating this podcast in memory of Theresa Marafito, a woman who was ahead of her time! Today’s interview is with Linda Odubayo Thompson, author:  I Know My Way Memoir: Always Remember to Color the Sky Blue Linda discusses how her mother, Theresa Marafito, was born visually impaired and eventually became blind. Linda talks about her very interesting childhood and how her mother refused to succumb
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Betsy Wurzel, Hostof Chatting with Betsy Today’s interview is with Angela Legh, author of the Bella Santini Chronicles Series. The Bella Santini Chronicles is a fairy tale series for children ages 8 to12 and Angela Legh has written 5 books out of the 12 book series. The most recent book in this series is Bella Santini, In The Land of Everlasting Change.  Angela Legh discusses why she started the series for Young Adults.  Angela wants
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