National Caregivers Day with Betsy Wurzel

Written by on February 22, 2019

What does a Caregivers do? Well here are a few examples. They handle your most difficult times. They manage your diet and your medication.  They also help to keep you safe.  Caregivers give endlessly amount of their time and energy to care for you.  Now mind you they are also trying to manage their own lives.  Caregivers have a huge amounts of stress and most often go without much needed sleep.   They are providing care for a loved and taking care of the whole family.  Many caregivers will put their jobs on hold while they provide help to their loved ones.  Now where would we be without the Caregiver?  Good question.

National Caregivers Day is  February 15th, the third Friday in February.  Betsy Wurzel, Advocate and Caregiver for her husband Matt. Betsy will be discussing in this interview on honoring all caregivers not just on National Caregivers day but every day. Betsy talks about being supportive and spend sometime with the caregiver.  Sometimes being a caregiver can be very isolating.  Offer to spend a hour with the patient to give the caregiver a break.  Send a dinner to the home.  There are many things to be helpful to the caregiver.  Listen to the audio and let us know some of your ways to help a caregiver. Click here to listen…

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Betsy Wurzel also has another page on Facebook click to see   To learn more about this movement click on  #KickAlzheimersAssMovement   


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