Holistic Division of Passionate World Talk Radio

Holistic can take on many forms of treatment, such as Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation for some examples.

We are launching a new division on Passionate World Talk Radio.  This division will provide different programs that will relate to what is needed for all in this unsettling time.  Due to the Pandemic that affects the world population, we want to provide help to all in need. This could be any type of holistic treatment.  There could be many stoical issues that may bring some type of anxiety, depression, and fear to the general public.  This division will help in a Holistic manner with trained and certified Host.

Never would we suggest that this is a cure for any type of treatment that will be presented in this Holistic Division. We always recommend that you discuss any health issues with your Primary Physician and treatments.

This first Radio Show to the Holistic Division, Hosted By Dr. Mandy Simon and Dr. Gordon MacMillian.  To listen to Dr. Mandy’s, Radio Shows.

Go to Dr. Mandy Simon’s page Finding the Holy Grail

Update January 2021 for the Holistic Division: Dr. Mandy Simon will for the Month of January 2021,  provide assistance to help you to work through the Pandemic we are all in.  There will very informative Blogs created for ways to work through your feelings and emotions.  Dr. Mandy can help you through these major health issues for all of us. I will post the blogs to this page for you to find the solutions you will need to help yourself with self-care.

Episode #2 The Power of Resilience | Resilience | Holistic | Goals:  Episode # 2

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