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Matt & I met in church. We were married on November 01, 1980. We have a son, Joshua who is amazing! Josh has special needs! I worked as an LPN for many years. I never heard of Alzheimer’s nor did I know anything about caregiving. My mom in law took me to Alzheimer’s school! There wasn’t much information at the time. I learned the hard way! My dad also had Alzheimer’s. I didn’t take care of my dad but I did visit & gave my mom support. Matt was diagnosed in 2010 but showed signs in 07 or 08. We had a difficult time with doctors listening to us! The doctors wouldn’t say Alzheimer’s due to Matt was 56. We were told he is too young! I didn’t know about Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s was on Matt’s mom’s side. Matt was the first to have it young! I was an angry Caregiver! I decided to start doing videos to raise awareness! Education is desperately needed! I didn’t want people to feel alone! I was without support for 14 years! I like to share my experiences to help others! I am grateful Jeanne White saw my video & contacted me! I want to thank Lillian Cauldwell for Passionate World Talk Radio Station! Thank you both for giving me a wonderful opportunity to be a host!  To contact Betsy by Email  Click here

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