Work Place Violence

Today’s interview is with  Tanya L. Joyce an R.N., BSN., Organizational Psychologist, Certified  Professional Coach, and Owner of Strive Professional Consulting and Coaching. Tanya Joyce discusses why she became an Organizational Psychologist to help individuals that maybe dealing with bullying.  She discusses what an Organizational Psychologist does to help individuals in this area of bullying.  Tanya provides excellent recommendations for individuals who are bullied.  Betsy wishes she knew about Tanya five years ago when she experienced […]

Sheila Wilson, Host of Whine and Cheese interview is with returning guest, Debra Falzoi founder of Dignity Together. Sheila and Debra revisit work abuse and what is currently happing with Dignity Together.  How bullying is still an epidemic in the workplace environment. How can you recover from this type of abuse?  You will hear this and more in this interview.  All these questions and more will be discussed in this interview with Sheila Wilson and […]

Today I interviewed a healthcare provider her name is Kim she states she was assaulted by a patient while she was working her shift. During this interview, this is what she said. I was walking up to the nurse’s station and “bang” the patient sucker punched me in the back of the head with his fist. Two patients dragged me to safety. I woke up while the two patients dragging me to safety. Then the […]

Sheila Wilson’s Guest is Beckett Augat a nurse that worked in the Emergency room. She also is a Member and Representative of the Massachusetts Nursing Association. Beckett has been on this show before and shared with us the issues that she and all the nurses are dealing with in the hospital she has worked in for years. She has been on strike for 9 weeks, walking the sidewalks in front of St. Vincent’s hospital with […]

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