Do you remember why the Nurses went on Strike with St Vincent Hospital? Sheila Wilson’s interview today with Beckett Augat, R.N. at St. Vincent Hospital. Sheila and Beckett talked about the main reason that the Nurses went out on strike for the safety of the Patient. We must understand the Main Reason the Nurses went out on Strike. As the strike continues, things will be said, you know, he said she said and you lose […]

Ten Fashion Classics Lauren Cochrane is today’s guest on Chatting with Betsy.  Lauren is a Senior  Fashion Writer at The Guardian and has written for Elle, Vogue, and Telegraph magazines.  Lauren is the author of “The Ten”, the stories behind the fashion classics. Lauren and Betsy discuss the ten fashion classics and the history behind them!  Betsy highly recommends this book to learn about the history of fashion items to suggestions on how to wear […]

  From a Child of Holocaust Survivors to A Politician’s Wife Betsy Wurzel’s interview today is with Hadassah Lieberman author of Hadassah, An American Story. Hadassah Lieberman discusses how she found her mother’s diary which had stories about her experiences as a Holocaust  Survivor and  Hadassah’s mom wanted her children to finish the story and Hadassah did just that. Hadassah talks about growing up in Gardner, Massachusetts, her life as a Rabbi’s daughter, and being […]

  Leslie Fields-Cruz, Executive Director of Black Public Media, is this week’s guest on the Energy Stoners™ Cafe podcast.  Leslie discusses the origins of Black Public Media and its role in providing stories, documentaries, and films from the black perspective to public television with host Toni Quest.   Please listen to this conversation with Toni Quest and Leslie Fields-Cruz: Click here to listen… Information for Guest Leslie Fields-Cruz:   www.Blackpublicmedia.org To contact Host: [email protected] I am providing […]

In this podcast, Audrey O’Neal, host of Creative Psychotherapy, discusses the many dimensions that contribute to experiencing joy in life. The podcast explores research that points to the role of nature and discovering the joy and the power of healthy interpersonal relationships that also contribute to joy. To listen to this engaging discussion with Audrey O’Neil: Click here to listen… To contact Audrey with any questions or comments on Therapeutic Dream Work: [email protected] For more […]

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