Your Holy Grail helps people navigate the post-pandemic reality we now find ourselves in. A message from Dr. Mandy Simon- https://vimeo.com/530377090/4bfaa635b2 The show has been taking a deep dive into key themes on living fearlessly in the post-pandemic world. In this episode, Dr. Mandy Simon introduces The Ten Terrains of Consciousness. There are ten terrains of consciousness, and each one is like a different underlying operating system.  It shapes the way you see the world, […]

We all celebrate the selfless heroes in the medical field who are on the front line of fighting Covid-19. How can you be a hero and help save a life? Have you ever thought of donating bone marrow? Today, Denise Soza from Be the Match joins me to discuss the ways you can make a lifesaving donation to a patient needing a bone marrow transplant and provide answers to the myths of donating bone marrow. […]

We hear about CBD everywhere today. It is in oils, creams, gummies, even in smoothies and your morning coffee. So, what exactly is CBD and why is it so popular? Our guest this week is Officer Bill Hume, a Drug Recognition Expert.  Bill has been a police officer in Southern California for 13 years. He has worked on various assignments in his which include DUI enforcement, Motor Officer, Traffic Detective, and Field Training Officer. Officer […]

  Finding Your Holy Grail helps people navigate the post-pandemic reality we now find ourselves in. In this introductory episode, the show’s host, Dr. Mandy Simon, welcomes the audience to her journey of discovery, exploring how we can become more resilient and less fearful together. In conversation with Dr. Gordon MacMillan, the show’s co-creator, Mandy discusses the inspiration behind Finding Your Holy Grail; and she recounts her experiences of treating patients with Coronavirus. “I recognized […]

  Exciting News for Passionate World Talk Radio.  We are launching a new show produced under the Holistic Division This is show is going to be a powerful show that will provide assistance with the many issues that the Pandemic has created. The Host of this new show  “Finding your Holy Grail” is Dr. Mandy Simon, DNP, FNP-BC Dr. Mandy Simon works internationally as a clinician, researcher, and educator. She has spent countless hours over […]

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