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Values are needed for Athletes in Soccer and not shown to US kids; forget the USA ever winning a Gold medal or World Cup Once again, the US embarrassed itself on the soccer pitch, and the USA needs to throw in the towel on winning a World Cup or gold medal In This Sport. The culture in the US does not teach athletes (or kids in general) the skills most needed in soccer, nor the […]

A little under 2 decades ago, PLaymakers aired on ESPN, exposing the dark side of life in an NFL locker room. Drug use, legal problems, and other issues plagued a fictional team…and reminded us no one on this Earth is a Saint…not even the ones in New Orleans! Join in and listen to Dan Riley: Click here to listen… Dan Riley has a Channel on Spotify.  You can subscribe to Dan’s Podcast shows on Spotify […]

The NFL needs to fine teams, make sure vets hold rookies accountable, and make sure it’s mostly team personnel in locker rooms because of outbreaks. The league needs to know football is the one thing we look forward to Fall Sundays and keep COVID at bay because we look forward to Fall Sundays more than ever this year with all that’s going on! To listen to Dan talk about Sunday’s and Football: Click here to […]

  While I may be happy with my career, I know too many Millennials and Generation Zers feel cheated by the economy, and they have every right. Let me tell you this story. In 1999, Barry Sanders retired from football, knowing a Super Bowl wasn’t in the cards for him. In so doing, he revealed to us a job is part of your identity, not all of it. In an age where too many feel […]

  The NFL returned last week, and we couldn’t be more grateful, because suddenly the “play hurt” mindset has bled over into real life.  Too many have to go back to work after losing a loved one as Brett Favre did, and we find ourselves “playing hurt” as we lose loved ones, jobs, and what’s left of our innocence. The fighting spirit of entire Cities May rests on their NFL franchises. At least they’ll get […]

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