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  Chatting with Betsy with Betsy Wurzel.  This is a new Different and Moving Forward for Betsy.  Betsy will be giving updates on her new journey without Matt.  She is going to counseling and talking about her feelings. These meetings are helping her in many ways.  Betsy is asking for comments from you.  Please send your comments to Betsy on what is happening in your new journey in moving forward. You maybe helping others with […]

Dan Riley is a Host and Intern at Passionate World Talk Radio. The news over the Caronavirus Maybe terrifying, but paranoia and panic can only make things worse. It’ll lead to civil unrest and displays of monumental stupidity society does not need right now. Let’s all just Calm down; washing your hands, staying posted on the virus, and using common sense can help ALL of us survive this pandemic. To listen to Dan’s discussion – […]

  This is a reverse interview.  Betsy Wurzel will be interviewed by a College Student Maddisen Sharpe, working towards her Bachelor’s Degree from Purdue University.  She is doing a Research Project on Caregivers and had contacted Betsy Wurzel for an interview.  This was a very interesting interview that Maddisen and Betsy provided. To listen to this interview with Maddisen Sharpe and Betsy Wurzel  –Click here to listen… For more information on  Maddisen Sharpe, I am […]

  Lillian Cauldwell Interviews Rev. Corbie Mitleid on “Clean Out Your LifeCLoset” “Author Corbie Mitleid is your guide and mentor, accompanying you on your journey. Discovering how to “get clear” on your purpose, your relationships, and your connection with Spirit allows you to simplify your life, learn the delights of going with the flow, and actually make friends with Stress, that 21st-century constant companion.” To listen to this interview on how this book could help […]

  Dan Riley is a Host on Passionate World Talk Radio.  Dan shows are about sports and sometimes political discussions. Dan brings topics and what is happening in Sports and College Sports.  Dan brings great topics to the Sports World. This interview is on Kyle Newman’s crash at Daytona is a reminder of the fact a driver puts his life in his own hands getting into a car.  Now, if airbags were in Cars, NASCAR […]

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