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Today’s interview is with Tony Lynch Founder and Creator of the Non-Profit, Memories of US ltd, a grief support group for men. Tony Lynch is a grief coach, recovery group facilitator, facility, a podcast host/ speaker! Tony Lynch discusses why it is important for men to grieve and show their emotions and why we must change the way we raise our sons about showing emotions.  Tony Lynch discusses his own grieving experience after losing his […]

  We find ourselves too emotionally drained to care about sports, but we can save our mental health. Try meditation for ten minutes; listen to your breath and ignore your thoughts, stay away from cable news, and call family or a friend to vent every few days. Now, our mental health is more important, not sports. The NBA playoffs can be put aside for right now. Listen to this discussion with Dan Riley about how […]

Today’s interview is with Betsy Wurtel, She was a caregiver for her husband Matt. She discussed how her husband was only 56 years old and the medical community thought he was too young to have Alzheimer’s.  She also explained about Matt losing his job and how he was unable to tell time on his watch anymore.  Betsy is a great advocate for Alzheimer’s. Join in and listen to this interview with Sheila Wilson and Betsy […]

Besty Wurzel’s guest today is Mohagony Bowser-Beasley who is a caregiver for her Nanny. Mohagony also is working outside the home, married with 3 children, and is a Blogger at “Family Is All We Have”.  Mohagony and I discuss the challenges of caregiving, keeping a balanced life, the importance of self-care, and how Mohagony is teaching her children about caregiving and Alzheimer’s disease! Mohagony Bowser-Beasley is an inspiration to all! To listen to Betsy Wurzel […]

Jennifer Tosian, interview with Michael Phillips about what ADHD is and how to apply ADHD friendly techniques to develop strategies that one can use to “stay on top of ADHD” Michael Phillips is an attorney who specializes in Real Estate law and land development and has been working in Real Estate since 2003. Michael was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, at the age of 40 and discovered ADDA Attention Deficit Disorder Association. Today Michael […]

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