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We are thrilled to have talked to Connie M. Baker this week. Connie lives in Oklahoma City, surrounded by family and friends. She has degrees in Family Relations and Child Development. Through the years she has studied different healing modalities and exploring how people heal. She is a HeartMath Mentor and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. After being diagnosed with cancer she wrote a book about building resilience and thriving while facing cancer. Please listen to […]

Sheila Wilson’s guest today is Jone Jensen, MSN BSN R.N, who has been a nurse for 47 years, she has spent 45 of those years in the psychiatric field.  During our interview we discussed the violence that can happen and how did the staff and administration handle the episodes of violence.  We also discussed the question as to why a lot of the times anyone with a mental health issue doesn’t get held accountable for […]

    Did you know that over 1.6 million Americans are living with Type 1 Diabetes? Today we are going to take a crash course on what Type 1 Diabetes really is, how it impacts a person’s daily life, and learn ways we can advocate for this invisible chronic disease. Joining me today is Cura Hume, a wife, homemaker, and special needs mom. Cura and her husband homeschool their 2 boys and enjoy the flexibility it […]

Sheila Wilson Host of Whine and Cheese guest on today’s show is Debra Falzoi founder of Dignity Together So we are not only dealing with COVID and the many issues, we also see that there many are also dealing with Workplace Abuse. How do you recognize workplace abuse?  There could be many patterns of being mistreated by others in the workplace.  It could be verbal attacks or belittling the individual.  How do you handle the […]

  The guest that will be joining Betsy Wurzel’s show Chatting with Betsy is Les Masterson, who is managing editor and expert spokesperson on health insurance for Insure.Com.  It may be impossible to eliminate all risk of a surprise health insurance bill, there are ways to reduce the likelihood that you’ll be charged, Some examples on avoiding unexpected medical bill, confirming in advance that your physician and hospital are part of your network, taking the […]

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