Jonette O’Kelley Miller, a Curator, discusses ‘19th-century stereotypes vs 19th-century reality, a ‘three-room virtual art exhibit now showing at, with host Toni Quest on this episode of Energy Stoners™ Cafe.  It depicts the imagery, falsehoods, and truths portrayed of African American people and culture through art. Listen to this engaging interview with Toni Quest and Jonette O’Kelley Miller: Click here to listen… To contact Toni Quest:  Email to Toni Quest To contact Jonette O’Kelley […]

Celebrate Women’s History Month Heidi Russell and Arantxa  Rodriquez are this week’s guests on the Energy Stoners ™ Cafe. They discuss, with host Toni Quest, women in the arts, pricing strategies, and their ground-breaking 50 women art exhibit, which is both virtual and physically located in Greenwich Village, NYC.   To listen to this engaging interview:   Click here to listen…  To Contact Host, Toni Quest: [email protected] To Contact Guests: Heidi Russell/Arantxa Rodriquez: Energy Stoners™ Cafe […]

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What a roller coaster year 2020 was for all of us throughout the world.  This new year 2021 will give us many opportunities to start new again and help us to rebuild our world and perhaps bettering ourselves.  Anything is possible.       The Staff at Passionate World Talk Radio


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