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Dan Riley is an Intern and Radio Host at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Dan talks about Selling beer at Football games We’ve heard too many stories of students getting drunk and arrested at games, or the destruction of students bodies and lives thanks to alcohol abuse. IF students can’t use alcohol properly, why do we allow so many to get drunk on National television? College football is in a bad spot right now with the […]

Dan Riley shows are usually about sports but today Dan will be diverting and providing a commentary on a subject that is important to Dan.  The subject  is on Unemployment and Autism. To Listen to discussion with Dan Click here to listen… To contact Dan Riley for any questions or comments on this subject via email  Click here You can also contact Dan on Facebook  – Please click here Dan’s shows are on Apple/ ITunes […]

Dan Riley Sports Talk  Here we go again: According to USA TODAY, Major League Baseball players are starting to wonder if their baseballs are juiced now, and Commissioner Rob Manfred has to take action. Its time to test baseballs before games to check if they’re an equivalent of a corked bat. The game cannot afford to lose the trust of its athletes; the problem needs to be nipped in the bud now.  To listen to […]

  Dan Riley Sports Talk discussion on the Media Frenzy for Laughlin and the other 16 individuals pleasing not guilty Lori Laughlin has plead not guilty, and we can all look forward to the media circus her trial will provide us. This case, after all, is a commentary on how celebrity is exploited by the media on both sides of the political isle. Worse, other celebs use stuff like this to give their opinions.  Celebrity […]

Dan Riley  Dan show today is on the College Cheating Scandal.   I guess the rich have their way all the time  There will be some sort of trial to please the general public but we all know that they probably will see NO jail time.  These rich individuals believe they are above the law and they are probably right. I know some individuals that work to help support their college children, if they are lucky […]

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