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  Rayne Dakota “Dak” Prescott endangered his own health working out with a teammate, all because of a false feeling of invincibility. Roger Goodell needs to cancel the season to drive home to players how serious this pandemic is. It’s not like Dak Prescott does! This is no time for games in the NFL; it’s time for social distancing with the rest of us! To listen to Dan Riley discussion on the pandemic and NFL […]

  Dan Riley is Host of Sports Talk and also does commentary shows. To listen to this episode concerning the COVID and how it has affected sports in so many ways.   Click here to listen… The disappearance Of sports is a reminder of the nasty reality COVID-19 has given us: fear, loss, and paranoia. How ironic that these unimportant games, then, are the distraction we need when it’s too risky to fill a stadium. We’ve […]

  Per reports, pro leagues are closing their locker rooms due to the Coronavirus issue. To prevent this thing from spreading, doctors need to check for symptoms every 3-4 days, equipment needs to be cleaned thoroughly, and guys simply need to wash their hands. A trip to the ballpark cannot become a sequel to CONTAGION! To listen to Dan’s show – Click here to listen… If you would like to contact Dan Riley for any […]

Dan Riley is a Host and Intern at Passionate World Talk Radio. The news over the Caronavirus Maybe terrifying, but paranoia and panic can only make things worse. It’ll lead to civil unrest and displays of monumental stupidity society does not need right now. Let’s all just Calm down; washing your hands, staying posted on the virus, and using common sense can help ALL of us survive this pandemic. To listen to Dan’s discussion – […]

  The Houston Astros come into Spring Training facing accusations of sign stealing. Problem is, this is a reflection of modern society: cheating, not baseball has become our pastime. Kids cheat on their SATs, stock fraud on the nightly news, and cheating coworkers out of a pay raise nowadays. Who is American society to bash the Astros To listen to Dan’s interview regarding these accusations-  Click here to listen… If you would like to contact […]

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