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    This is Dan Riley for Sportstalk. If baseball wants a season, the union and ownership need to split revenues 50/50 and make games safe as possible for players. However, both camps are clearly naive enough to think pro baseball is an “essential business” and are killing the game…and it’s a chance to provide hope for the Public. Perhaps commissioner Manfred should cancel the season after all! To listen to this informative discussion with […]

  Dan Riley Host of Sports Talk discusses Mental Health and how Maurice Clarett plans on helping High School and College Athletes. Maurice Clarett plans to use his mental health problems at Ohio State to get high school and college athletes to look out for their mental heath-and deserves applause. Too often college students struggle with the same problem Clarett did, making college a disaster for many. Maurice Clarett maybe saving some futures! To listen […]

  Like every business, sports has taken an economic hit that’ll have long-ranging effects. Forget athletes. Assistant coaches, beer vendors, and sporting goods stores are floundering all over the planet, leaving good people like you and me without jobs.  That’s the REAL tragedy behind the cancellation of games. To listen to Dan’s commentary on the pandemic and loss of jobs –Click here to listen… You can also contact Dan on his Facebook page – Please […]

Mike Tyson is training to get involved in some charity bouts; if only he could put one together to fight COVID. Right now, we need to raise money to fight a lot of societal problems, this sickness included. If it takes Mike Tyson getting in the ring to do it fine. ESPN could simulcast it on their family of networks. More than ever we need sport to provide hope anyway! To listen to Dan’s discussion […]

  The NBA is hoping to make a return soon, planning to open some team headquarters. We can not pray the NBA can beat those odds. The Pandemic is breaking our hope, leaving us with no escape only sports can provide. Even if only for a few hours. The NBA can provide that, even if players have to wear masks. But hope is the operative word here. That’s all we can do because the return […]

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