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Well someone got Fired! Daniel Riley is a Host and Intern at Passionate World Talk Radio. Dan is very passionate about sports. Today’s show is on the Packers and falling from Glory. Dan’s comments “Shortly after the Packers loss last Sunday, Head Coach Mike McCarthy was handed his walking papers; that doesn’t change the Packers’ chances this season..or the fact there’s plenty of blame to go around.” This and more can be heard on Dan’s […]

Dan Riley Host and Intern at Passionate World Talk Radio. Dan’s show today is on The Cardinals’ Is the Cardinals’ Future Up For Grabs? The Cardinals have not won the whole thing since 1947. if they’re not careful, Arizona’s fan base may kick them out of the state like what happened with the Houston Oilers in the early ’90s…and the franchise will deserve every bit of it. Listen to more of Dan’s comments concerning the […]

Dan Riley Intern and Host at Passionate World Talk Radio. Dan is discussion Baltimore Ravens  should sit Lamar Jackson First Season. Lamar Jackson is the next great hope for the Baltimore Ravens at Quarterback, but that doesn’t excuse starting him his first year.Starting him this season is just asking for trouble: Rookie Quarterbacks make mistakes,,,like bad passes and not knowing when to throw the ball away and live another down. That’s why Joey Harrington and […]

Daniel Riley is Intern and Host on Passionate World Talk Radio.  The show today is on the coming season of Football. Can you believe it, Dan is talking Football! Last week, Dan gave the teams least likely to make the playoffs, let alone win a Lombardi Trophy this year. As Promised, here are my teams most likely to win it all. Guess who they are? If you have any comments or suggestions on Dan’s show […]

    The show this week is on Baseball and Dan always makes a note as to what is going on in the Sports Arena. For too long, too many teams haven’t had a chance. Now, that seems to be changing: teams are inheriting All-Stars and giving us reason to believe an unexpected team to make it all the way. It’s a welcome change. Listen to what may be possible for the Milwaukee Baseball Team. […]

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