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Daniel Riley is Host and Intern at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Today’s Show is on the Super Bowl  Is the beginning of low scoring football games?  Dan talks about this on his show today. Here is a portion of what Dan Talks about “Sunday had the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history, and may have been the end of high scoring offenses I’ve been talking about for so long. Both teams’ saw their Quarterbacks’ have […]

Daniel Riley Intern and Host at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Dan’s show today is on Jenrry Mejia. Jenrry Mejía is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher in the Boston Red Sox organization Relief pitcher Jenrry Meijia has been reinstated after a supposed “life banishment” from the game of baseball following his third positive test for PEDs, and baseball has egg on its face again.  You can hear more of this discussion on this audio.  If you have […]

Dan Riley will talk about the up and coming Super Bowl. In a few weeks, the Rams play New England in a game that looks like another close win for the Pats’ dynasty. Will the Dynasty continue? Good Question. While, the Rams have the edge in terms of running backs, and a chance to get Ndamukong Suh a Super Bowl MVP, the Patriots have way too much experience and talent; forget it if the games’ […]

Dan Riley is Host at Passionate World Talk Radio. Dan discusses All types of Sports. Dan has many fans that enjoy his Sports Show. This post is on Coaches and Football Health. There much more stress for Coaches. This show today is on the Health of Coaches. Coaches need to take care of their health. Your only as good as your last win. WOW would that stress me out. Coaches really need to take care […]

Daniel Riley is a Host and Intern at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Dan is diverting from his usual sports show to talk about Detective Pikachu.  Now who is Detective Pikachu?     Dan will talk about Detective Pikachu and the series.  I guess there is a huge division with the fans on this series.   If you have any questions for Dan Riley – send email to [email protected] Make it a Brilliant day,  Jeanne White, Station Manager/Host at […]

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