Dan Riley

  While I may be happy with my career, I know too many Millennials and Generation Zers feel cheated by the economy, and they have every right. Let me tell you this story. In 1999, Barry Sanders retired from football, knowing a Super Bowl wasn’t in the cards for him. In so doing, he revealed to us a job is part of your identity, not all of it. In an age where too many feel […]

Dan Riley host of sports Talk Radio discusses how Buckner was thrown under the bus for Sox’s loss in 1986 World Series In Spite of playing with bad legs and a supporting cast that made equally crucial mistakes, Bill Buckner has wrongly become the scapegoat for a certain infamous World Series loss in 1986. Whether people want to hear it or not, everyone who took the field for the Sox’s that night(and their coaching staff) […]

  In 1980, US society was as much a train wreck as now, but the men’s hockey team gave hope to the country when it was in short supply. That example of overcoming the odds needs to be remembered, especially when sports are irrelevant nowadays; even the unlikeliest person can beat the most impossible of odds! To listen to Dan’s show on the 1980 Hockey Team  – Click here to listen… Dan Riley has a Channel […]

Dan Riley is the host of Sports Talk Radio on Passionate World Talk Radio.  Today’s episode is back in the year 2002. Back in 2002, the NFL playoffs had the Giants lose to the Niners thanks to a bad snap on a field goal that would’ve been the game-winner. It hurts New Yorkers having to relive this one. Remember this game the next time someone tells you Special Teams are irrelevant in the NFL! To […]

    How appropriate pro basketball is returning; the game reminds us of shooting baskets as kids, of our innocence. The NBA’s return gives us a distraction from terrible images on the nightly news of COVID-19 and shootings in a time when something as trivial as Lebrun James’ latest victory with the Lakers’ suddenly feels like an escape from hell on earth. To listen to this discussion with Dan Riley –Click here to listen… You […]

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