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  Lillian Cauldwell’s guest is Dave Maquera and the interview is the subject, returning cell phones and/or tablets and receive cash for them through Kiosks created by Dave Mcquera’s company, ecoATM. “More than 25 million devices over the past two decades that have been given a new life or properly recycled. This means less toxic electronic waste entering our natural environment and a healthier planet for future generations to come.” There is more detailed information […]

  Lillian Cauldwell Host of Cool Your Heels interview today is with Suzanne Sena, “The Emmy-nominated and entrepreneurial powerhouse Suzanne Sena is a Confidence Catalyst. Sena is on a mission to empower others to ignite their own assuredness in business, relationship, and life.”  There may be a word or an aha moment that you may hear in this interview that could help you in empowering your life. To listen to the conversation with Lillian Cauldwell […]

  Dr. Patrick Wanis & Chris Burres work together. Dr. Wanis is a Research Scientist and Chris Burres is a Research Technician who found a molecule that helps people sleep better, helps the immune system, have more energy, and is non-additive,  Listen to this interview on how you could get a good night sleep. Also, there are products to help your animals. To listen to this interview with Lillian Cauldwell and Dr. Patrick Wanis – […]

  Lillian Cauldwell interviews Rick Mroz, Protect the Power Grid “Vulnerabilities in Power Industry Supply Chain May Increase Risk of Successful Cyber Attack on Electric Grid” Our politicians need to pay attention and be sure that our Power Industry Supply is protected.  What would happen if we should lose electricity in our homes, I bet that would grab your attention. We all know about Cybersecurity protecting our information on the Internet but what happens if we […]

  This new book by Joel Marion debunks myths and proves you can burn fat faster by eating after 7 PM – What do you think? Lillian Cauldwell interviewing Joel Marion, CISSN, NSCA-CPT has been helping literally millions of people world-wide slash body fat, gain muscle, and dramatically improve their lives through his cutting-edge articles, witty blogs, and breakthrough diet programs ever since breaking into the fitness industry more than 15 years ago by winning […]

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