We have met Michael in previous interviews when he talked about caring for his wife with Huntington’s. Janet, his wife, died 1/10/21 and on Easter Sunday Michael became engaged. In this podcast, we talk about dating after Janet’s death and how Michael sees love and life for his future. Listen here to the interview with Dr. Marianne Matzo and Michael:  Click here to listen… We hope you benefit and learned something new from this […]

  Sheila Wilson R.N. BSN, MPH, Host of Whine & Cheese guest today is ER Nurse Beckett Augat In this interview, ER Nurse Beckett Augat discusses her meeting with members of the hospital administration and MA. Nursing Assoc. (MNA)  Nurse’s Union. The nurses have sent 600 unsafe staffing forms with no response from the hospital administrations. The nurses need more staff to give good care. Their nursing ratios are too high !. The nurses have […]

  On this episode of the Energy Stoners™ Cafe Podcast, host Toni Quest talks with vocalist, musician, entertainer, and songwriter, Deena Goidel about her life in music and the positive effect of her live therapeutic music program has on the elderly community. She shares how she has transformed her sessions into an online presentation in response to Covid 19 protocols. To listen to the engaging interview with Toni Quest and Deena Goidel: Click here to […]

Mike Ward is a Detroit-based singer and songwriter who writes about coming to terms with aging, loss, and death.  His most recent album, The Darkness, and the Light was released on 1/26/21. This week Mike and I talked about a song he wrote for his father called Wrestling with Ghosts. His father was relatively healthy until his death at age 95, but not without much loss and grief. To listen to this interview with Dr. […]

Shannon Zeeman, Host of The Most Important 15 Minutes of Your Day Guest today is Troy Zeeman, Traffic Detective; Co-Founder and Director of Training at Active Shooter Prep In today’s world, we are all attached to our phones. Everyone knows about distractive drive and the dangers of driving while using your phone. Today Detective Troy Zeeman, who has been in Law Enforcement for over 25 years and is currently a Traffic Investigator, joins us to […]

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