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Betsy Wurzel guest on Chatting with Betsy is Lynn Lambrecht. Founded of The Living Planner, discuss the” practical and personalized strategies.”   The book was written for many reasons and one is what happens if you are in an accident, now what happens. Who is going to step in and be your voice?  That is one of the many. subjects that are in the book “The Living Planner”.  There is a wealth of information in the […]

Betsy Wurzel’s interview is with Katya De Luisa,  advocate, and author.  Katya discusses how your loved one can pick up your energy and how that affects them.  Betsy and Katya talk about how important to provide awareness, inform, educate, and improve the quality of life of those living with dementia. Listen to the discussion on Nursing Home visits. How to change the visit for your loved one and you. Take the opportunity to purchase the […]

  This is the continuing Advocate Series that Betsy is providing.  This is the opportunity to share and talk about being a caregiver.  This episode on Chatting with Betsy will be speaking Barbara Stewart, Author of the Caregivers Guidebook.    How to navigate the hospital setting.  When you are in a Doctors what do you talk about?  We all get overwhelmed as a caregiver and this book will be a very beneficial guide for you.  […]

  Advocare Series with Betsy Wurzel.   Today on the Advocacy Series with Betsy Wurzel is a major Advocate Marcia Burr. How and why you should be an advocate.  There are many reasons, perhaps you are not getting the response from a medical team to help your loved one. That is just one example of why one needs to have a voice in protecting the assistance for your loved one. To listen to this interview on […]

  Betsy Wurzel’s guest today is Marisa Pasquini, CDP, CAEd, and Founder/Trainer of National Home Care. Also, Marisa Pasquini is also an Author of Surviving Dementia Without Losing Yor Mind. There are many difficulties that many caregivers have.  They talk about how Dementia does not only affect only the elderly population but it can happen at any age.  Hear about the new reality for caregivers. Please listen to the interview as it does have a […]

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