Verdejo’s Murder Accusation Destroyed his Reputation Reports say Lightweight boxer Felix Verdejo has been arrested on charges he murdered a pregnant woman, and my prayers go out to the family of the victim, regardless of whether Felix was involved. However, we have to wonder if his trainer and manager should have looked into his background enough. Did he have anger issues? A history of violence outside the ring? Wouldn’t it have been worth it to […]

  For the second year in a row, the NFL will use its draft to raise money to help fight the effects of the pandemic on the US. Such an act of charity provides hope after a decade of social strife…and the NFL becoming the poster child for head injuries. For more than one reason, we finally can see more than the disturbing subject matter on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY when discussing my favorite sport. Please, […]

  An embarrassing start to their season has the Yankees in a spot no Millennial ever thought they’d see. That 5-10 record tells me they need to trade away Aaron Judge for a player or two and a few draft picks. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is no time for Bryan Cashman to sell blindly optimistic nonsense to the media. It’s time for the Bronx Bombers to clean house To listen to this episode […]

  Bernie Mac’s Mr 3000 told the story of a fictional first baseman with a Texas-sized ego and talent to match who returns to baseball ten years after retiring to get his 3000th hit. It might as well have been a commentary on the selfish, egotistical society it was filmed in. We’ve all run into people who treat others like crap or think too highly of themselves. They wind up leaving people wondering what they […]

Values are needed for Athletes in Soccer and not shown to US kids; forget the USA ever winning a Gold medal or World Cup Once again, the US embarrassed itself on the soccer pitch, and the USA needs to throw in the towel on winning a World Cup or gold medal In This Sport. The culture in the US does not teach athletes (or kids in general) the skills most needed in soccer, nor the […]

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