Helping Children To Understand How Climate Changes  Affects Animals. “Fourteen Animals Around the World are on a Journey for Survival When Climate Change Displaces Them to Bizarre New Habitats in this Captivating Interpretive Children’s Picture Book” Today’s interview is with Ronnie Swire Siegel, Author, Photographer, Environmental Artist, and Landscape Architect. Ronnie talks about her debut children’s picture book, Displaced-A Story About Climate Change and How Displaced Animals Ring The Alarm. Ronnie discusses why she wrote […]

  Dan Riley Host of Sports talk talks about the winner of the Kentucky Derby’s positive test is a minefield for horse racing. Not only will we wonder how many races are on the level, but drug usage in horse racing may also lead to scrutiny from the press and public that rivaled baseball’s steroid scandal from a little over a decade ago. Rest In Peace, horse racing. You’ll be missed! Check out this podcast […]

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