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These are the stories provided by the caregivers that are on this journey with a loved one that has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.  You will hear from Betsy Wurzel, Marcia Burr and Christina Turner and more on their journey with the many issues these Caregivers have encountered.  They provide first-hand information on how they learned to deal with the cruel disease.

11.10.19 Sue Fernandez Guest Host on Passionate World Talk Radio.  Sue provides information for this show on When your journey ends as a care giver 

11.8.19  Marcia Burr Guest Host on Passionate World Talk Radio.  Marcia gave some updates on the Alzheimers Music Fest, Update on the Life Raft and much more 

9.29.19  Sue Fernandez Guest Host on Medicare and New Infections

9.18.19  Betsy Wurzel Host on Chatting with Betsy show and today Betsy talks about a visit to Dr for Matt and why Dr’s just do not get it.

9.14.19 Guest Host Sue Fernandez on Home Health Agency and Home Health Care

9.12.19  Host Betsy Wurzel  with her guest Cookie Deb Hines on why you need a Doula and what is a Death Doula

9.10.19 Host Betsy Wurzel Talks about The need for education.  People have a misconception of Dementia/Alzheimers

9.7.19  Jeanne White Host and Station Manager at PWTR interviewed Valerie Anne Castine Caregiver to her mother-in-law and as an Artist to create memory ornaments.  She is the process of working on a book and much more 

9.6.19  Marcia Burr on handling to prepare for Disaster while you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s 

9.5.19 Betsy Wurzel Host – Betsy talks about the Anger Caregiver

9.4.19  Today the interview is with Susan MacCaulay on BANGS 

8.30.19  Guest Host Betsy Wurzel Interviews me Jeanne White Station, Manager/Host

8.24.19  Guest Host Betty Wurzel.  This was the first of many interviews by Betsy Wurzel

8.22.19  Guest Speaker Sue Fernandez Consultant.  Sue provides information that will help in finding the resources with the care of your loved one.  To need segments to Sue’s Monthy Interview  The Word of the Day and Did you Know

8.16.19 Guest Speaker  Betsy Wurzel Long Term Affects on a Care Giver and how important it is to the health of a caregiver 

8.8.19  Guest Speaker Betsy Wurzel on Empowerment 

8.2.19 Guest Speaker Marcia Burr Guest Speaker on The Life Raft and Alzheimers Music Festival 

8.1.19 Betsy Wurzel and son Josh on Financial Burdens of Early Onset Dementia  Diagnosis 

7.26.19  Betsy Wurzel Speaking on Early Onset Dementia Diagnosis 

7.25.19 Christina Turner Speaking today on how to find some happiness 

7.19.19 Christina Turner speaking today on red flags when leaving you’re loved one only

7.18.19  Betsy Wurzel and her Son Josh on Young Adult Caregivers and the Relationships with Caregiving 

7.14.19 Sue Fernandez will be a reoccurring speaker on this series.  Sue Fernandez is a Consultant and Educator on Resources.  She will be a great asset to this series.  Today’s show will be giving some important information that will help all caregivers 

7.11.19 Betsy Wurzel and her son Joshua appearing on the show today. Talking more on the heat and other issues

7.5.19  Khawla Maria Khader, Advocate, guest speaker.  Owner and operated at the JK House of Grace Assisted Living in Maryland.  Maria will be speaking about how to talk and approach a Dementia/Alzheimers Patient.  

7.5.19  Marcia Burr Advocate, guest speaker.  Marcia will be discussing the Life Raft has Launched

7.3.19 Betsy Wurzel on Holidays, Heat and other important information that will be helpful

7.2.19  Interview with Christina Turner on some tips to help you with your loved one with Dementia/Alzheimers.  Here is one tip on keeping your loved one hydrated, Jello water.  There are many more tips on this interview.

6.27.19 Interview with Betsy Wurzel talks again on Holidays and Vacation Travel and son Joshua talks about the holidays.

6.19.19 Interview with Betsy Wurzel on How children could be affected with a loved one that has Dementia/Alzheimer

6.13.19  Interview with Betsy Wurzel on Music Therapy and the one Year Anniversary with Betysy Wurzel, Sue Fernendez, Marcia Burr and Christina Turner 

6.12.19  Interview with Christina Turner  How children are affected with living with Dementia/Alzheimer’s relative 

6.11.19  Interview with Sue Fernandez – Sue provides a wealth of information for Caregivers that are looking for information or what do in being a caregiver.  Being a caregiver is a big commitment  

6.7.18 Betsy Wurzel Interview today on Hallucinations, National Brain Awareness Month and
the Anniversary of Betsy doing the weekly series 

5.30.19  Betzel Wurzel Interview today on Care Partners need to educate themselves on Dementia/Alzheimers  and try to live in the moment 

5.23.19 Betzel Wurzel interview taking her husband Matt to the emergency room and the experience for dementia patients and caregivers in the hospital setting.

5.15.19  Betsy Wurzel interview is on Relationships.  This is a subject that needs to be discussed and Betsy will discuss how we judge on caregivers and their relationships 

5.8.19 Betsy Wurzel is finishing the series on the past 20 years as a caregiver.  Betsy ends the series as the caregiver for her husband Matt.  What the past 9 years as a caregiver for Matt and how it changed her life. Sometimes good and Sometimes Bad

.3.19 Betsy Wurzel continues the Caregivers journey for the past 20 years an now a caregiver for her husband Matt.

4.25.19 This is an interview with Christina Turner.  Christina has had long history as a caregiver.  Since husband passed away she has been an Advocate for all caregivers.  Christina also does video’s live video’s to bring awareness to the terrible Disease called Dementia/Alzheimer’s.  Today Christina talks about stress on the caregiver and how stress effected her health

4.24.19  This is a continued interview with Betsy Wurzel on being a caregiver for the Past Twenty Years.  Betsy finished the discussion on her mother-in-law Mary Sloan.  Betsy continued with the help she provided help to her mother for the care of her father Howard Wurzel diagnosed with Alzheimers.

4.18.19  Caregiver series with Betsy Wurzel.  Betsey will be doing a series on going back 20 years in the beginning of being a caregiver. The journey started with her Mother-in-law.  Betsy will walk us all thru her journey.


4.14.19  Jeanne White


4.5.19  Christina Turner Caregiver and Advocate is with Jeanne White to talk about the issues facing many Caregiver and that is Medication.  

4.4.19  Betsy Wurzel Caregiver and Advocate is with Jeanne White to talk about the issues facing many Caregivers.  Today talks about  Family and friends Criticizing a Caregiver

3.26.19  Betsy Wurzel Caregiver and Advocate speaks about Guilt. Many caregivers put un-necessary guilt on their shoulders. Perhaps because of promises they made to their loved ones. This is just one of the reasons on feeling guilty.  

3.25.19  Cookie Deb Hines The Calming Voice Doula  To provide support at the end of life for a loved one.

3.22.19 Colleen Sellers Advocating for a Dementia Patient

3.21.19 Betsy Wurzel Caregiver and Advocate. Today Betsy Discussion is on Dementia and Medication

3.13.19 Betsy Wurzel Caregiver and Advocate discussion is on Infidelity 

3.8.19 Maria Khador Director of JK House of Grace, Assisted Living homes

3.6.19  Weekly Show with Betsy Wurzel on Caregiving.   Discussion today is What Alzheimer’s gave to me

2.27.19 Weekly Show with Betsy Wurzel on care giving . Preparing your life after being a caregiver.

2.21.19 Interview with Joe Tanner caregiver for his mom Millie and talked about his journey as Stand up Comedy


2.19.19 Interview with Cookie Deb Hines on Hospice and Death Doula

2.15.19 Betsy Wurzel National Caregiver day

2.14.19 Betsy Wurzel on Valentines Day

2.10.19 Betsy Wurzel and Marcia Burr both are Advocates and Caregivers. They both have a wealth of information that may help you in your journey. Is there any easy answers maybe or maybe not. Listen to what they both talk about.

2.6.19 Betsy Wurzel Caregiver and Advocate. Betsy talks about taking care of yourself.

1.31.19 Christina Turner Advocate and Caregiver.  Today Christina will talk about what it takes to be a caregiver.  How they handle the feeding or the dressing on a daily basis.  Christina will also talk about the isolation that comes with being a caregiver.  This information perhaps may help you in your journey.

1.30.19 Betsy Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers as well as a caregiver for Husband Matt.  The Show today is on Perfect Caregiver

1.26.19 Marcia Burr Advocate for Caregivers- Today’s Show is on Dementia Diagnosis Process

1.23.19 Betsey Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers – Today’s Show is on Early Onset Dementia/Alzheimers. What happens to Dementia patient when caregiver gets ill?

1.16.19 Interview with Tippy Stein as being a caregiver her mother. The challenges that occur and how to work thru the Medicaid system

1.16.19 Betsy Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers. Betsey Wurzel will be talking about placements for a loved one

1.14.19 Interview with Marcia Burr Advocate for Caregivers. Marcia will talk about the Alzheimers Music Festival in Tampa, Florida and other happenings in Florida for Alzheimer’s Awareness

1.11.19 Betsy Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers. The show today is on Power of Attorney. What steps to take on a diagnosis of Alzheimers



1.2.19 Betsy Wurzel – Advocate for caregivers. The show today is on Celebrating New Year’s Eve with her husband Matt and a wonderful act of kindness


12.26.18 Betsy Wurzel Advocate for all Caregivers. Today’s show is on Betsy’s Christmas Celebration with her husband Matt and her son Josh. Plus Betsy will also talk about taking care of yourself.

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